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The 30th China-EU Mixed Committee on Economy and Trade Held in Beijing


On the morning of July 12, the 30th China-EU Mixed Committee on Economy and Trade was successfully held in Beijing. The Chinese Minister of Commerce Gao Hucheng jointly presided over the conference with the trade committee member of the European Commission Anna Cecilia Malmstrom. This conference was held before the 18th China-EU Leaders' Meeting. The conference was efficient, practical and constructive. Both sides profoundly exchanged views on the bilateral and multilateral trade and economic topics, made trade and economic preparation for the leaders' meeting and settled the work arrangement for the 6th China-EU trade and economic high-level dialogue which is to be held in the second half of this year.

Gao spoke highly of the China-EU relationship and the bilateral trade and economic cooperation and emphasized that China and EU are comprehensive strategic partners and one of the most important trade and economic partners of each other. China and the EU positively promoted the partnership of "peace, growth, reform and civilization" put forward by President Xi Jinping in 2014, implemented the important consensuses reached at the 17th China-EU leaders conference, strengthened the docking of the China-EU development strategy and promoted the cooperation in the important fields such as the China-EU investment agreement negotiation with significant progress. Malmstrom agreed with this and pointed out that facing the current complex international political and economic situation, China and EU should further deepen cooperation, promote the bilateral trade and economic cooperation to obtain more achievement and realize mutual benefit and win-win result.

Both sides thought highly of the positive achievements obtained at the successful G20 Conference of Trade Ministers in Shanghai, believing that this would lay a solid foundation for the G20 Hangzhou Summit in September. Both sides agreed to accelerate the progress of China-EU investment agreement negotiation, to show the flexibility, to care for the important concerns of each other and to reach an agreement on the core problems of the documents and the major items by the end of this year. Both sides agreed to accelerate the progress of China-EU geographical indication agreement negotiation, to meet each other halfway and to reach an agreement as soon as possible. China asked the EU to perform the 15th obligation of the Protocol of China's Accession to the WTO on time, that is, to cancel the practice of the "surrogate country" of anti-dumping against China on December 11. EU said that they would perform the international obligation ruled by the WTO, not adopting any discriminative measures targeting at China and paying close attention to studying the registration suggestions of the 15th item. Both sides positively appraised the cooperation of customs, being willing to continue to support the project cooperation of Secure and Smart Trade Line Pilot Program, reduce the trade cost and facilitate the enterprises of both sides.

Besides, both sides exchanged views on the multilateral negotiations. They agreed to positively promote the negotiation of the remaining topics of the Doha Round according to the spirit of the Nairobi conference of ministers. They also agreed to make joint efforts to strengthen communication, promote the negotiation of the Environmental Products Agreement and make progress as soon as possible.

Both sides frankly and profoundly exchanged views on the topics such as the steel over capacity and the trade friction control. They agreed that the steel over capacity is the common problem faced by the whole globe, needing all countries to strengthen cooperation, to communicate with each other and to share experience and information, to avoid abusing trade remedy measures and to solve trade frictions by dialogues and negotiations.

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